Micke's workshop in Physical Theatre training

A singer is practicing her scales; a dancer is training her body a musician is practicing his instrument and so on. In the same manner the actor ought to train his instrument – his voice and his body – in order to avoid stagnation. Here is where the Theatrestudio training comes in.
The training is basically about removing those resistances and blockings that prevent the theatrical expression, and to help the participants in that way, to find a free and individual creativity.

The body and the voice are our basis and we work from a couple of movement series where we strive for reaching the inner life of the actor. Those series focuses on different fundamental components in the actors work such as cooperation, precision, presence, movement dynamics, breathing, reaction and response etc. A greater part of the training is to first utilize the impressions, impulses and associations that we constantly meet when we encounter ourselves and others. Then to react on them and to get that reaction out through the body and the voice so that it communicates on all levels, and to find it, in a free and open flow, together with the other participants.
One can see these movement series as a language or notes in a scale, where one can express anything with only a few movements. And where the actor’s sensitivity, susceptibility, presence and bodily capacity are trained .
The series can also be combined with other exercises or stage presentation to give a greater understanding of the connection between the training, rehearsals and performances and to make the training itself more obvious.

The workshop gives the participants an individual and free training that they can use on their own after the workshop. It should also inspire and give ideas to performances and rehearsals. And it has shown to be an extraordinary help when an actor or director have got stuck.

7 - 17 persons. (minimum 5 pers.)
The training is made so that everyone can participate no matter what level they are on.
Wooden or other soft floor.
By agreement.
By agreement.
Other: The participants should be barefoot and clothes for training.